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                            Interface: USB                                                                       Interface: USB

The VW320S series wireless module provides the capability of a short range,reliable wireless point-to-point,point-to-multipoint and mesh network RF data communications link.  They can  be  used  in  a  variety  of  data  communications applications that require a simple to use invisible data link.

The wireless modules are designed to operate in the unlicensed ISM frequency band (315MHz/433MHz/868MHz/915MHz ISM band) and are therefore acceptable for use in many countries. 
● 4 Operation modes: Transparent mode,Transparent secured mode,Addressed mode and Addressed secured mode.
● Repeater supported 
● Integrated wireless link protocols 
● Deep sleep mode (Power down mode) /Wakeup Control 
● Server-Client mode
● Broadcast Multi-drop mode
● Easy configuration by AT commands.
● Easy configuration with a user friendly control panel on PC.
Major parameters:
 Frequency band:  433/868MHz
 Interface:  USB
 Modulation:  2-FSK
 Max. Tx. power:  100mW (+20dB)
 Supply Voltage:  +3V~+5.5V
 RF data rate:  1200bps ~ 128kbps
 Channel numbers:  Multi- channel
 linkage range :  1km linkage range at 9600bps,L.O.S
 operate temperature:  -30℃ ~ 80℃
 80mmx 33mm x12. 5mm
 Interface footprint:  2.0mm SMT solder pad or pin header
 Antenna impedance:  50Ω


Major applications:
  • Wireless 232 or 485/422 data link
  • Water,electricity,gas and other automatic meter reading (AMR)system; 
  • Building automation system; Security entry system; 
  • Intelligent traffic; Vehicle Control;
  • Wireless scanner; 
  • Restaurant Order System Management;
  • Industrial control,remote sensing,automatic data collection system;
  • Wireless data transmission; Digital audio,digital image transmission;
  • Wireless electronic display screen; 
  • Telemetric systems
  • Oil Well Measuring,Environmental Protection Monitoring
  • Hydrology Water Level Monitoring
  • Robot Controls
  • Wireless conference system; Wireless microphone solutions
  • etc.


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