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● Radio Chip: TI CC1101
● Integrated FEC,high sensitivity. 
● Programmable data rate up to 500 kbps. 
● Separate 64-byte RX and TX data FIFOs. 
● Efficient SPI interface: All registers can be programmed with one “burst” transfer 
● Wake-on-radio functionality for automatic low-power RX polling 
● Many powerful digital features allow a high-performance RF system to be made using an inexpensive microcontroller 
● Integrated analog temperature sensor 
● Ideal for multi-channel operation 

Major parameters:

 Radio Chip:  TI CC1101
 Frequency band:  315/433/868/915MHz
 Modulation:  2-FSK/GFSK/MSK /OOK
 Max. Tx. Power:  10mW
 RF data rate:  +1.8V~+3.3V
 Supply Voltage:  1200bps ~ 256kbps
 Channel numbers:  Multi-channel
 Operate temperature:  -45℃ ~ +85℃
 Size (L x W x H):  19mm x 17mm x 3mm
 Interface footprint :  2.0mm SMT solder pad or pin header


Major applications:
  • Water,electricity,gas and other automatic meter reading (AMR)system; 
  • Building automation system; Security entry system; 
  • Intelligent traffic; Vehicle Control;
  • Wireless scanner; 
  • Restaurant Order System Management;
  • Industrial control,remote sensing,automatic data collection system;
  • Wireless data transmission; Digital audio,digital image transmission;
  • Wireless electronic display screen; 
  • Telemetric systems
  • Oil Well Measuring,Environmental Protection Monitoring
  • Hydrology Water Level Monitoring
  • Robot Controls
  • Wireless conference system; Wireless microphone solutions
  • etc.
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